Networks today are constantly under attack. These attacks have grown more sophisticated each year, and have the ability to spread at a rapid rate.
SynCon offers a wide range of services to help protect your business and keep your data secure. Our solution portfolio includes:

SynCon Technologies Ltd

Next-Generation Firewalls & U.T.M

We implement Unified Threat Management (UTM) that boasts security industry intelligence in the evolution of the traditional firewall into an all-inclusive security product that is able to perform multiple security functions within one single system:

Network firewalling

Network intrusion prevention

Gateway antivirus & anti-spam

Content filtering

Load balancing

Data loss prevention

On-appliance reporting

Access Control & Policy

This involves creating policies that allow for the secure remote access to the office, from the home or for mobile workers.

Web Security

Providing malware protection, improving employee productivity, and enabling safe use of web resources with Web Security Gateways

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Intrusion Prevention Systems

Deploying Intrusion Prevention Systems to perform deep packet inspection on traffic flowing across the network and identify and mitigate threats. Once these measures are taken, the system will seek to protect your network by conducting any of or all of the following:

Sending an alarm to the administrator if there is a threat.

Dropping the malicious packets.

Blocking traffic from the source address.

Resetting the connection.

Router & Switch Security

Providing malware protection, improving employee productivity, and enabling safe use of web resources with Web Security Gateways

Email Security

Using advanced technologies to stop spam, and viruses in email in an automated manner so that IT staff can focus on other activities.

Virtual Private Network Solutions

VPN solutions provide exceptional security through encryption and authentication technologies that protect data in transit from unauthorized access and attacks. A VPN helps you:

Use highly secure communications, with access rights tailored to individual users

Add new sites/users, without significantly expanding your existing infrastructure

Improve productivity by extending corporate networks and applications

Reduce communications costs while increasing flexibility

Site-to-Site VPNs

Site-to-site VPNs provide an Internet-based WAN infrastructure to extend network resources to branch offices, home offices, and business partner sites. All traffic between sites is encrypted using IPsec protocol.

Remote Access VPNs

Remote access VPNs extend almost any data, voice, or video application to the remote desktop, emulating the main office desktop. With this VPN, you can provide highly secure, customizable remote access to anyone.

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